A Lip Plumper that works

A lip plumper that actually works

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A Lip Plumper that actually works!

We all have things we would like to change about our appearance.  For some it’s longer lashes, fuller lips, to lose a few pounds, to hide the wrinkles or the aging spots.  When it comes to the appearance of our face I hear, “I want longer lashes and fuller lips!”  If you want to learn my favorite way to get longer lashes with out the falsies, click here.  For now, let’s talk fuller lips!

Personally, I think I have nice lips however, I am always trying to get that upper lip just a little plumper.  Who isn’t envious of Angelina Jolie’s perfect pout? I admire those that were blessed with those perfect luscious lips.  Lip plumpers in the past have never made a difference for me except taste horrible and burn my lips like crazy.

June of this year  Younique released a lip plumper, it was exclusive and very limited.  As a matter of fact it sold out in less than 24 hours, no wonder they named it Hottie. It was hot!  Thankfully, I was able to grab one for myself before they were gone.  So glad I did, because it is fantastic AND it really does plump your lips.

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Hottie Lip Plumper by Younique

What’s so great about Younique’s  new lip plumper, Hottie?

Hottie plumps your lips and you will see a difference almost right away, this is exactly what it said it would do. It comes in a lip gloss form that is pale pink and looks amazing as is (you are talking to the girl that is obsessed with chapstick so of course I love the pale pink).

Application is simple.  Apply like you would any other lip gloss. You want to make sure to put it on the entirety of your lips, even in the corners. Hey, lips can never be too plump in my book! Plus it smells amazing because one of the active ingredients is peppermint oil.

Results after just 10 minutes

Results after just 10 minutes


Almost immediately after you apply it,  you will notice a tingly feeling.  When I can feel that I know it’s working it’s magic.  Everyone sees results differently but I saw mine in about 10 minutes and those tingles made me happy and reminded me to constantly look in the mirror to check out my results. I had the highest of hopes that this would transform my thinner lip into something more full.  That is exactly what it did, you can imagine how excited I was to have that pretty pout!


It comes as no surprise that there are some added benefits when using Hottie, as with most of the Younique products. The Hottie lip plumper is no different! When used over time, you may find that it fills in fine lines and gives you more of a plump lip even when you are not wearing it. Long-term use gives you long-term results. Hottie has become apart of my evening routine as well as the morning routine.  I need me some plump lips on the regular.

Would I recommend Hottie?

Absolutely without a doubt!  It said what it would do and it delivered fast! My lips got plumper and my smile sure did grow. My girlfriends and I noticed a difference and sent each other texts to see… We all declared that there was a difference on all of us! You can bet we walk around smiling and have a little extra pep in our step.

You’re probably wondering why am I telling you about this amazing lip plumper that I love if it is sold out….




Hottie lip plumper is back right now while supplies last!  There are several ways to get your hands on this hot product. Get it via October’s customer kudos (a savings for all customers) OR click here and buy it individually.

Get it while you can! When it's gone it's gone.

The Hottest Lip Plumper is back for a limited time!!  Get it while you can! When it’s gone it’s gone.



The perfect little gift this holiday season!

The perfect little gift this holiday season!

This lip plumper will make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list this year.  Take advantage of the Triple Heat and save yourself 20%!  Keep one for yourself and gift away the other two or if your like me you might keep them all for yourself.






Remember when we started I mentioned that I hear ” I want longer lashes and plumper lips.” Younique must have gotten the memo and hears that a lot too because you can get Hottie at a 50% discount when you buy any lash duo or trio during the month of October.

Great ways to save during the month of October

Great ways to save during the month of October!

What about you? Do you have a favorite lip plumper that you use or are you still looking for the right one? Look no further and trust me on this!  Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment.



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