DIY Fall Pumpkin Yard Decor

Outdoor Planters- Fall Pumpkin Yard Décor

A few fall mums, some plastic pumpkin pails and a whiskey barrel planter can create a beautiful yard décor festive enough for October container gardening. Chrysanthemums (Mums for short) bloom in the summer through the fall and can provide a beautiful harvest-inspired color scheme to a decorative planter. Many DIY planter projects this season are using plastic pumpkin pail variations on a traditional garden topiary concept. Here is Trends take on this yard décor idea using a whiskey barrel and beautiful, seasonal mums.


Here’s What You Need to Get Started  DIY Fall Pumpkin

  • 5 Plastic Orange Pumpkin Pails (Walmart sells them for $1)
  • 1 Rustic Resin Whiskey Barrel- Recommend 22.50 inch in Rustic Oak from Home Depot
  • 2 Bags 1.5 Cubic Feet Potting Soil
  • 1 5′ Garden Stake
  • Mums in Fall Colors- White, Yellow, Burnt Red
  • A drill and a 3/4 inch paddle bit

1.  Gather All Your Materials

DIY Fall Pumpkin4We started our fun, fall planting project by picking up five orange pumpkin pails from our local Walmart. We also went to our local Home Depot for a couple bags of potting mix. We picked up a 5’ tall garden stake and mums in white, yellow, burnt red and purple that will complement the colors of the orange plastic pumpkins.  Home Depot also has the perfect Rustic Resin Barrel.  For this project, you will also need a ¾ bit to drill holes in the planter and the plastic pumpkins.


2.  Drill a Hole

Find a nice flat area on the ground where you want your Pumpkin Yard Planter to sit.  Mums like spots that receive at least six hours of sunlight a day with well-drained soil.  Since we are building a container garden out of a whiskey barrel, you will need to drill a hole in the bottom of the planter using the ¾ drill bit.  One hole in the middle (about the size of a dime) and 2 others should provide enough drainage.

3.  Insert Garden Stake

To make sure the stake in the middle of the planter is going to withstand windy weather, we also drilled a hole in the ground about 8 inches deep.  Center your whiskey barrel on top of this hole and insert the garden stake to the bottom.  Fill the whiskey barrel with potting soil about ¾ of the way up.DIY Fall Pumpkin6




4.  Discard the Plastic Handles

Remove the black plastic handles from the pails.  These can be thrown out.  Drill a hole in the bottom center of the plastic pumpkin and one on the top right side. Each pumpkin will rest on each other and the next one will have the hole at bottom and top left.  Repeat these steps, alternating drilling holes in your pumpkins on either the top left side or top right side.

DIY Fall Pumpkin2







5.  Place Pumpkin on Stake

Start with a base mum that will provide a good highlight against the pumpkins and the other mums that you are going to plant in the pumpkin pails.  Carefully maneuver the plastic pumpkins onto the stake so that it runs through the center and the side holes.
DIY Fall Pumpkin1

 6.  Scoop Soil into the Pails and Build Your Pumpkin Yard Decor

Scoop some soil into the plastic pumpkin about ¾ of the way up.  A red plastic cup and small hand gardening shovel work well.

Maneuver the pumpkin carefully on the garden stake so that it gently rests on the first pumpkin.  Plant this pumpkin just as you did with the first pumpkin, but with a different Mum color.

If the stake is slightly higher than the pumpkins you can add something extra on top.  We had a Solar Lantern to top it off with for just a little more of a fall touch!

DIY Fall Pumpkin5

7.  Water Mums and Enjoy!

Water your new mum pumpkin planter regularly.  Make sure to give your plants at least an inch of water a week.  If the leaves start to droop that means they are not getting enough water.

Trust me your beautiful fall porch planter décor will be the topic of conversation this season.  When it is time to disassemble your planter remember you can use your barrel planter for another great outside project, perhaps for Christmas…
DIY Fall Pumpkin7

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