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Someone recently asked me why they should join my team? First of all let me back you up! Why am I doing this business?

Personally Younique was just what I needed after having my third child, I felt like I had lost my sparkle and had lost touch with a lot of my friends. I regained that all with Younique! I have my sparkle back, I stay connected with old friends, and I have lots of new friends too. You can’t put a price on that kind of feeling although getting paid daily is a nice bonus just to play with makeup! Having “extra” Mama cash or saving for something bigger is very rewarding! The sky is the limit with this company no joke!????

I have done direct sales before and Younique is like NO OTHER our team specifically is different than most as well. I LOVE the Younique way : UPLIFT, EMPOWER and VALIDATE woman from all over and all walks of life! How can this not give you chills? The group of girls I get to work with are amazing I love them all and I get to connect with them daily! We share ups and downs and everything in between we are a sisterhood! I care for all my Bossbabes and make an effort to personally reach out to all of them to help them if they want it because it means that much to me! It’s so rewarding to me to be able to help others feel confident and sexy no matter what the age!

So to answer, why join my team…. Why not?


Gina Olsen