7 Foundation Mistakes You’re Probably Making

How to master the most difficult part of your makeup application

Foundation Mistakes

Foundation Mistakes

Perfecting your skin is, without a doubt, the hardest part of the makeup application process.

It doesn’t take any special skill to swipe on a lip gloss or brush some mascara through your lashes. But getting your foundation to look both natural and flawless? That’s a bit of an art form.

Here are seven foundation mistakes you might be making:

Foundation Mistake #1: Not Using a Primer

Primer is so important because it preps your face for your makeup! Primer will protect your pores from your make up and create a barrier in between your face and your makeup.  This helps create a smooth flawless canvas by filling in the fine lines and wrinkles, evens out your skins texture and prevents your makeup from sinking into your pores! Remember this, “it’s a crime not to prime!”

I love Younique's Glorious Primer because it is Silicone based not oil based.

I love Younique’s Glorious Primer because it is Silicone based not oil based.

Foundation Mistake #2: Not Matching Your Skintone

The right foundation should be a seamless match to your skintone (unlike Emily Blunt)

The right foundation should be a seamless match to your skintone (unlike Emily Blunt)

80% of women are wearing the wrong foundation shade.  Shocking right? Most foundations are designed to match your skin tone. Skintones are yellow, warm pink, or neutral.

To determine yours answer these three questions:

  1. 1. Do your veins appear blue or green against a piece of white paper? If they are blue you are cool pink,  if green you are warm yellow, and if you can’t tell you are neutral.

2. Do you tan or burn in the natural sun light?  I know we all have that unicorn friend that can go outside on a summer day and come in with a beautiful bronzed tan.  If you are that girl you have warm yellow tones.  On the other hand if you are the one the sun hates and burns fast you have cool pinks. Lastly if you do a little bit of both you are neutral toned.

3. Do you rock gold or silver jewelry? If gold you likely have yellow undertones and if silver cool pink.  If you rock both silver and gold you are neutral.

Foundation Mistake #3: Not Testing in the Right Area

Your face should be seamless to your neck and chest.  Flawless and naturally beautiful is the goal. When determining your shade with your undertone verify by putting some foundation on a fresh face on your jaw line.  So many women check on the back of their hand or the inside of their arm but foundation does not belong there thus is not the place to color match.  When placing on your jaw line you should quickly be able to see if the shade matches your neck and chest. If it does this is your shade!

But what if your face is a different shade than your neck and chest?

If your face is lighter than your body, you can choose either a slightly darker foundation shade, or use a bronzer to warm it up.  For the most natural look avoid shimmer and use a matte formula, such as Younique’s Beach Front Bronzer.

Half matte and shimmer to give a beautiful bronzed look. Comes in 3 different shades

Half matte and shimmer to give a beautiful bronzed look. Comes in 3 different shades.

What if your face is darker than your body, you can also use bronzer-but on your neck and chest.  For a more semi permanent solution, consider self-tanners or tinted lotions to darken your body only.  I recently discovered and really like The Body Shop Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist (yes, it’s technically for legs but you can ignore that).


Foundation Mistake #4: Apply Concealer Underneath Your Foundation
Concealer should always go on top of foundation.

Concealer should always go on top of foundation.

What is the point of concealer if you’re just going to blend it all away by putting foundation on top?

Foundation should always go on first and then concealer.  Foundation should do most the covering and if it’s a good foundation it should do the trick while also being light weight.  I love the ultra light foundation by Younique: Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation.

Ultra Light Weight with a matte flawless finish everytime.

Ultra Light Weight with a matte flawless finish everytime.

Concealer then should be applied to what still needs coverage.  Maybe acne, aging spots, mom bags, rosacea, or scaring.  Need a good concealer that will last for months and cover anything, even tattoos? Touch Perfecting Concealer is highly recommended!


It's completly opaque, comes in many different shades and last all day.

It’s completely opaque, comes in many different shades and last all day.

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Foundation Mistake #5: Choosing a Foundation With Wrong Texture for Your Skin’s Texture

There are three different skin textures that can effect your makeup game. Oily, dry skin or combination skin (a little bit of both oily and dry).  Foundation is meant to go on smooth and give you long lasting coverage.  The Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation I recommend for almost all my clients because it is great for almost all skin types and because it has optical diffusers in it imperfections are blurred out.  However, if you are someone that has really dry skin I would not recommend this foundation.  Super dry skin needs to be exfoliated (highly recommend Younique’s Exfoliating Mask) and needs lots of moisturizer.  A tinted B.B. Flawless will be what your skin needs most. B.B. Flawless will leave your skin with Hollywood’s favorite dewy finish.

A lightweight moisturizer and creamy foundation all-in-one.

A lightweight moisturizer and creamy foundation all-in-one.

Foundation Mistake #6: Not Using a Setting Product

To set your face I strongly suggest that you invest in a setting powder, ideally made with silica.

This type of powder is colorless so it will work on every single skin tone.  It’s also very buildable.  You can add more throughout the day and never have to worry about looking cakey, as often happens with tinted powders.

Best of all, a translucent powder locks makeup in place for hours and minimizes shine-without looking or feeling like you have anything on your skin.

Touch Behold Setting Powder also has anti-aging ingredients in addition to silica, and helps blur pores and wrinkles.

I use this one all the time it is my FAVORITE!

I use this one all the time it is my FAVORITE!

Just make sure you use setting powders sparingly or this could happen!

HD Setting powders can show up in flash photography, so apply sparingly.

HD Setting powders can show up in flash photography, so apply sparingly.

To avoid this you only want to apply your powder in the areas you tend to get shiny, like your T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin).  Don’t use a big fluffy brush because it will deposit way to much product.  Instead, go for a powder puff or domed brush.  I like the powder/concealer brush by Younique.

A flawless-looking finish is just a few brushstrokes away

A flawless-looking finish is just a few brushstrokes away.


Remember, if your face gets oily during the day, you don’t necessarily need to add more powder.  Blotting papers are handy and will remove shine without removing your makeup.  Just make sure to get the kind that aren’t coated with powder, such as Boscia Green Tea Blotting Lines.



Still not sure about a Setting Powder this will blow your mind….


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Foundation Mistake #7: Using your Hands to Apply Your Foundation

Unless your a real pro, it’s best to apply your foundation with a brush, not your fingers.  That’s because a brush will help you blend and buff it into the skin-meaning you will get a much smoother and natural application.

Damp Beauty Blenders work well too (I love this one) but do be aware they can waste product.  Best to use after you have already applied your foundation and you can further push it into skin to take away excess product.

When looking for a foundation brush make sure that is synthetic. If Animal hair, make sure that you don’t drench it with liquids.  Here are my top brush recommendations:

Powder Puff Brush

puff brush

The Powder Puff Brush is fully rounded, extremely soft and absorbent, and made for evenly applying powder foundation, concealer, and bronzer. Made with capra hair.

Liquid Foundation Brush


The Liquid Foundation Brush has a unique design to add to your makeup brush set. Its recessed area lets you adjust your liquid foundation coverage for a seamless application. If you have extremely dry skin this brush wouldn’t be for you because the bristles are so dense that it would more exfoliate than blend smoothly.

Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

Keep your hands clean and give your foundation a smooth, flawless finish-wet or dry- with a Foundation Brush made to last a lifetime. Made with high-quality synthetic fibers.

Make it a priority to keep your brushes clean. Wash them regularly with a gentle baby shampoo, H2O with a couple drops of Dawn Dish Soap, or my favorite charcoal Gender Bender bar from Posh.  The Sigma Beauty Express Cleaning Mat is a worthwhile investment as it helps you get all the product off, much more effectively than your fingers.

beauty mat posh


If I haven’t lost you by now I hope that you found some value in this blog post.  Make sure to share with a girlfriend that could benefit too! During the month of May I am offering a LOVE YOUR SHADE GUARANTEE when you grab my favorite foundation here!

Did you know that you may have a winter shade and a summer shade?

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